The Journey

“Direction is better than speed.”

The first and foremost is to plan where to go.

adventure asphalt clouds country
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Expect the rough road.  Katulad ng paglalakbay sa ating buhay, hindi naman maiiwasan ang masalimuot na pagsubok sa bawat paglalakbay.  It is not always the smooth side.  Sometimes expect worse comes to worst.  From bitter side to a better one is ought to expect in life because every pain is designed for us to learn.  The ups and downs are there to become stronger so make the most remarkable journey that we take.  The more we face hardship, the more we become firmed and determined.

Every shortcoming is noticeable but adjustable.  Every person makes a way to regain and fulfill the mission.

Every journey that we have, every pain that we feel and every story that we have is significant to grow up in all aspects of life.

Just think driving a car in a very long way drive.  Just go on and always keep right.  Turning the right path is considering the good life ahead of us.  Turning the left side is the wrong move to make decision.  Always keep right as what we always heard.  Give the ample meaning of every turning point we have so in the application to real life, we could not easily commit mistakes because every mistake is accountable in the lives of an individual.  I believe that in making decision, good thing might happen as a reward, so what we sow is what we reap and be cautious to do things.

Dagat Sa Pola

(I took this photo in the province of Oriental Mindoro.  This was taken in Pola, the oldest town.  I feel like I am professional photographer while taking that photo.  I wanted to put the personalize picture as much as I can and since this BLOG makes me quite interested to do, I feel so much enjoy honestly.  The feeling of overwhelmed though I am neophyte to post why I am trying to learn more on how to do some updates and how to promote some tourist spots like Pola wherein the town has the highest rate when it comes to literacy as to compare with other towns why that is another challenging part for others.  However, everyone strives the best that they can to at least uplift to the next level.  Moreover, I hope guys out there find this work of mine quite pretty cool for them, appreciate the little thing I have shared and stay happy as what they are doing so take a glance to pass by, like and follow then do comments to improve for the next journey I have 🙂  Happy RAMADAN to all of us!)

Ang buhay ay parang alon sa dagat.  Minsan kalmado at minsan maalon I wanted to feel the serenity it brings into my life.  It is calm so there is tranquility in the environment.  In the application to life, observe the ordinary days that people is going through.  There is no obstacle in every plans…everything is in the will to follow the dreamer aspirations but if life has no ironical side, that is the boring phase to feel, there is no excitement at all.  The wave of the ocean stands as trials to face.  Oftentimes suffering could help to have the stronghold to strive more.  Every struggle can make a person stronger and fighter to move forward.  We keep on moving to succeed and it may never hinder to look back.  In life it is always the pursuing, pushing and not pulling from the very beginning.

Napakagandang tingnan ng alon sa dagat.  Nakakasigla ng pakiramdam, masarap damhin ang bawat pagdampi ng hangin sa dalampasigan na animo’y samyo na nagbibigay saya sa bawat himaymay ng katawang lupa nang bawat isa.  Every blink of an eye to imagine the wonderful creation like my favorite saying goes:  I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

That is how I pattern that inspiring saying in my life.  Maaaring may mga bagay na nangyari na kasawian sa buhay pero hindi mananatiling hanggang doon na lamang, it is learning to stand up in every trials that we are facing because of problems …kailangan nating bumangon at harapin ang bagong bukas na naghihintay.  Being an optimistic and an enthusiast to pursue a goal can be a challenging role to change life for the better.


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