The One Whole Day Recipe


          1cup of milk that contains the sweetest smile

          2glass of water with hugs and kisses

          2boiled eggs and salt accompanied the lovely face in the breakfast time

          2plate of rice in the table with the family

          The extreme happiness of everyone wished for, the exquisite idea of every individual to have, the exonerate statement to divulge with the people.  So if those ingredients in the morning recipe are included, life is almost perfect.

          The breakfast is ready so taste the special recipe that a mother prepares.  The harmonious relationship evolves in the family circle.  How good it is to see, to witness!

          The brighter side of the idea is quite fantastic.  The enormous opportunity to become a family is something to exert an effort and pursue the ultimate goal because it happens rarely.

           Masarap magkaroon ng isang masaya at buong pamilya.  Napakahirap ding magkaroon ng ganitong simpleng pangarap dahil hindi naman lahat ay nabibigyan ng magandang pagkakataon at kapalaran.  We are vulnerable facing any consequences when it comes to family issues.  Iyong akala nating makakabuo na tayo ng ating pangarap na halos nababalangkas sa ating isipan na pagka minsan ay walang katuparan iyon.  Iyong pakiramdam na walang makakapigil na kahit anong unos pero hindi naman umaayon ang langit sa ating kagustuhan.  Masakit at napakasakit iyon dahil tila ba pinagdamutan tayo ng maraming pagkakataon at nagtatanong na ano pa ba ang kulang para maging sapat lamang.  Ano bang susi at kung may ibang daan para magtuloy tuloy na ang magandang kapalaran.  What is missing to make things happened.  Hay napakaraming katanungan.  What is the appropriate prayer just to let the Creator approve the wishes…sometimes we could not stop the fate that every relationship tends to separation…that every family turns to broken home….that every family is thirsty and hunger to know what is beyond the expectations.  The fathomable reasoning is quite hard to understand.

          Natutupad nga ba ang “The Morning Recipe” na nakahain sa table…may isang ina at ama na kayang manindigan…ang sabi through thick and thin pero kapag dumating na ang unos, pwedeng kapag thick na lamang at unti unting kumakawang sa paniniwalang kakayanin ang lahat.  For better or worse…at kapag nagkaroon ng mabigat na suliranin nasasabing pwede bang sa better na lamang at ikaw na munang mag isa ang magbigay ng solusyon sa worse na iyon…kaya nga dalawa para magkatulong so there is cooperation and unity in the decision making pero iilan na ang may kakayanang gawin ang mga iyon.  Nabibilang na lamang sa daliri ang kayang gampanan ang pagiging isang pamilya.

              Sa isang banda, mas mainam na magnilay.  Know the root cause why it ends to broken family.  Kapag nawala ang family bonding, unti unti na ang pagguho ng isang tahanan.  Ang haligi noon napupunta sa ibang bahay, nakakalimot na tila ba may amnesia…ang hard at nagiging hopeless na magkakaayos pa hanggang sa nagkaroon ng kanya kanyang decision so the children are ought to suffer tremendously.  Ang ilaw ay tuluyan ng napundi, walang ningas na kayang ibigay upang muling magbigay liwanag kaya nagiging karimlan ang buong kapaligiran.  So how to kindle the happy and whole family…what the children can do to let the parents reconciled.  To let their pride break into pieces…so the maturity is to have seen in them.


            Prayer, love, devotion, trust and faithfulness are the secret key to always remain a family.  Constant communication is another factor to hinder the misunderstanding.  Keeping the Bible beside them and try turning the pages to be renewed and transformed.  Be familiar to the content of each verse that is the highlighted for the family.  The analysis process is the failure why they tend into trouble.

THE TURMERIC or Luyang Dilaw

               This is not new heard anymore.  Globally, turmeric is one way to cure illness particularly abdominal pain before the monthly period and coughing.  In fact that is personally proven in the family. 

              Turmeric is the medicinal plant that may alleviate the severe pain before the menstrual cycle and coughing.  There are many available resources in any form of powder or the real luyang dilaw to put in the casserole, boil for few minutes and ready to drink after.  I didn’t take any capsule from the doctor when I was suffering dry cough just turmeric and after few days, it was totally gone.  No more worries for the attack of barking like a dog.  Almost every Filipinos are aware for using Luyang Dilaw or Turmeric.  Well after so many years have passed, it has too much cost because of the lack of supply for increasing the demand so all in all, most of them discover how helpful and effective to take as morning coffee and after dinner time.

               The turmeric or known as luyang dilaw in the Philippines plays a vital role to the body.  In fact, even doctors advise patients to try because absolutely that is good for the heart.  Iyong way kasi ng healing process ng tao sometimes it depends also on the compatibility of doctors.  Sometimes we ask, bakit hindi tayo gumaling at kapag may new discovery of medicinal plant that can help us don’t deprive ourselves to the possibility walang masama, walang side effect din para mag worry.

              Ang tanging pinagbasehan ko ay ang sariling karanasan.  Well katulad nga nang nasabi ko, walang masamang sumubok dahil may natatapatan ang bawat kagalingan sa mga sakit na gustong magkaroon ng lunas.  Dati rati kasi hindi naman pinapansin ang luyang dilaw sa Pilipinas.  Masarap ilahok sa ginataang talong as one of ingredients to mix in cooking but now the price is twenty pesos per kilo.  Kung magkaubusan man ng supply expect the lack of supply for the increasing demand.  So papasok na ang economics sa ganitong sitwasyon because the tendency is to increase the price.  Observe the demand and supply.


                Before deciding to consult doctors kasi mas inuuna ko ang mga doctor wakwak…mga albularyo dahil in the Nursing Book nakasaad din doon na nagsimula ang lahat sa medicinal plant sa mga manggagamot na katulad ng mga albularyo kaya hindi masamang sumubok.  If you are familiar sa mga danyo at tawas tawas, tapal tapal that is the first thing I am doing for myself before going to doctors at lumaki ako sa ganoong paraan.  Praise to the Almighty because everything is in His hand for me.  Only the prayer is the best weapon in every battle that we are facing so if we are in the point of too much upset in life, the first and last thing we do is the covenant that we offer to God.  Yeah and everything is possible in His name. 

              According to the Nursing Theorists and their work book with Fifth Edition to define HEALTH means a state and a process of being and becoming integrated and a whole person.  In Adaptation Model by Roy, he stated that “health is not the freedom from the inevitability of death, disease, unhappiness, and stress, but the ability to cope with them in a competent way.”

             We tend to make a way to prolong the life of our love ones.  We want them to give comfortable living,  giving the extent support till the end of taking risk to survive.



             One of the decent restaurants located in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  Since usapang kainan and tourism, one of the tourist spots is my province.  If the decision is to have tour in the certain place, try to choose this one.  Para na ding mga European Food ang ihahain nila.  The best special menu they have.  Everything that is new has something in them.

           Personally, I have already witnessed the food they serve.  Ito na iyong kainan para sa akin na masarap balik balikan.  For twice I go there the food for me are all yummy; I like the taste well perhaps as probinsiyana with simple way of living, the first time to hear the existing restaurant in the corner of Oriental Mindoro.  To admit, that is late discovery from me.  Parang pakiramdam ko tuloy saan na bang kasuluk sulukan ako ng lugar napunta at I feel I am the last person who discovered this place.  I joined with my Senior mother who ate so the privileged of discount to be given to her.

          Hence, it is time to relax, enhance the ability to know the secret ingredients and delicious food in serving there at Dine@Log.


  I prefer to use the combination of Tagalog and English (TagLish) in all my works for doing the post and partly, this is the difficult one for me to have done the sharing.  I thought all over the world, the existence of more Filipinos abroad with dual Citizenship so they can relate to the language but I forgot to ask myself…are they interested to give the quality time to read at least before to rest and sleep.  My mother answered me…they are almost tired and reading is time consuming.  Then I added…not all Filipinos are fond of reading too…they have other activities than exerting their effort just to glance or perhaps to afford the price to reach my site.  Another one is, they are practically wise to spend money to send in the family because as an overseas worker, the main goal is to help them financially.

          But my heart and soul has to keep on doing the same thing.  I still want to push it no matter what.  I am very optimistic person…the more they discourage me, the more I challenge myself to give it a try…to pursue and go on.  This is so much quite funny honestly but to tell this frankly this is overjoy for me 🙂 🙂 🙂



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