The Criticisms Issue

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I feel so embarrassed upon promoting the province where I live at.  I thought everything is quite fine to depict the wonders in some other parts of Oriental Mindoro.  As of today, we are suffering the tremendous illness that seems to be an endemic in my place due to intermittent brown out, the on and off rotten system of the management before the schedule of reading the bills. Though they place the suggestion box to improve their service, still that is nothing.  They are considered futile to make an improvement.  It is the nerve to let the people know that my province is spectacular for having the unusual thing in it but promoting in tourism, am I right to effectively pursuing it?  That is questionable particularly the recent problem that we are facing.

I am one of Yahoo News reactors, that after reading, at the bottom of the story, there is column for the comments.  I am fond creating my reactions.  Perhaps the issue is quite boring to argue with why I changed my activities.  I have nothing to do except to raise my reactions.  There are many issues to weigh which sides are excellently right but most of other comments are against to what the Philippine government is trying to be different, to bring the real change for the common good.  So directly speaking I don’t like the topic anymore why I want to take this chance to write which is far from politics issue.  And that the content is only in Yahoo News and not to bring the issue in this site.  Everyone needs the quality time to relax and for me this site is the appropriate one to have the topics that tackles to light issues….something like stress free and no pressure at all.  We avoid negative vibes and carrying the issues of politics is not something good to hear, hey please give me a break.

Of course, I am curious to know about this site.  What is the content to make different.  I just don’t know why other Filipinos bring the politics issue, the hate to the present administration.  I have read the different new discoveries and I love that.  I just don’t know why other Filipinos boosting their ego to compete that this is the site to burst out their sentiments when it comes to the style of writing strategies…they want competition, they close their fist to prove ‘I can do that too.’  There are few Filipinos that really unpredictable sometimes, well expect the crab mentality.  I am here to share the positivity that we need in life.

I want to feel the silence in the environment.  I want the quiet place to rest and free from difficulties to find solution.  Sharing any good thoughts are quite good.  If anyone feels exhausted, visiting this site is the medicine at least to read some inspiring and forget the annoying side of the story.  It could help a lot honestly.  We utilize anything that makes us comfortable while reading and not to mix any emotions for only to one sided and favorable to the writers.  The enigmatic thoughts why they have shared some issues that should to be seen in tabloid and not applicable to read here.  Their topics are not suited to be here because as far as I know, this is the inspiring site that should be the remarkable one.  Is it inspiring the way Go and Trillianes in their argument, the close fight regarding the election 2019, oh my goodness, for heavens’ sake please.  They acted like ignorant and not good influence to others.  Instead of fighting, give some contributions on how to make the Philippines an edge to become the progressive one.

The next is the priest issue, it is better to the priest to keep distance, let them move away from the normal human being  in order for them to keep their safety and avoid to be endangered…safe from anything like temptations to women.  They keep on telling us that we tempted that priest why they want to get outside the convent… put in the proper place the way you have done your protest.

Well I guess it is better to promote anything which is not related to politics than promoting my province because of the poor performance they show. That is shocking news because brownout is the main source of the problem that hinders to prosper the entire place.  Move forward so please stop to look backward…it is always the pushing and not pulling one another.  Sometimes it is better to be with other nationalities, they show the real concerned, how compassionate they are and the sincerity they have that really comes from the heart.

The drowned feeling once other nations care for us so much.  It is always the empathy that could not be given thoroughly to our fellow Filipinos.

That is the saddest part of every story particularly to Filipinos attitude.  They should be happy for others’ success and that is how to become good Christian.  What kind of motivation during their infant days, to nurture the kind of attitude that is pleasant to everyone? And how the parents mold them…they keep on criticizing each other.  That is pathetically a disgusting side that is full of embarrassment.

Statistically speaking, the truth is there are many overseas Filipino workers around the world.  I want the change to be seen in them, in spite of biting each other, try to help and do the hand in hand pushing to be cooperative in many ways.  It is the thrust to become initiative in helping one another…though quite hard to do it, well just for the sake that we are all Filipinos not mere in words but in heart that pours the love to one another.


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