I am nature lover. Of course, all of us can appreciate the clean and green that we have seen everywhere.  I stare the blue sky, the refreshing cool breeze that I feel in the morning, the sounds of cricket at the silence of the night, the green pasture of different animals in the forest.  I love the magnificent creation.

The environmentalists are trying to find solution to the problem about global warming.  I have simple contribution on how to reduce the heavy cargo that we presently facing by gathering to utilize the resources I have.  Well as a small entrepreneur in our barrio, I could say the thing to at least responsive to the environmental awareness to save the Mother Earth is by doing these again…


(The place of the old store before year 2015)

Those pictures were taken before Typhoon Nona devastated the area.  This was the old store.  I sold these Christmas lanterns with the lower cost to afford the price of my customers.  Those materials were made from plastics wrapper of candies, several pack of cigarettes and almost were rubbish to be thrown in the garbage can but to monetize all of these, I made this something useful and profitable.  With the small capital of glue to paste those materials in bamboo skeleton of stars, I wrapped it first of scratched papers, in fact I had collections of all the ATM receipts then I used to cover the skeleton of star.  I cut the plastic wrappers of curls or candies to make designs.  This is practical to those students who want to save more.  Instead of buying expensive decorations they can still find other resources to have recycled materials for the new creation like those PAROLS.  Rain or shine, the Christmas lanterns didn’t easily tear because it made from plastics.

It is exhausted but like what I used to say, I enjoy what I am doing.  I am happy to see the output after.  Despite the hardship I felt, I was thinking the income from those resources that almost a trash.  Likewise it is a challenging from my points of view to imagine how to become creative to make a unique material to be presented as project in the school for students, sellers and vice versa.  I remember during my school days in the public school where I enrolled at…in my Practical Arts subject, I didn’t create any presentable project to be passed to our Principal.  When I attempted my first trial, I was frightened and nervous because I could no longer imagine the output like that which was for sale and totally sold out.

We suffered a lot when Typhoon Nona hit our province.  I changed my focus, the total destruction were for all to be repaired why I stopped doing it again.  Until one day, I retrieved all the pictures from my laptop and I allowed customers to see those photos, they  have suggested to make another try the same items for this year because  I still have more time to prepare resources and very timely for the environmental awareness.

When I have read the article about the show of The Amazing Earth, this is the nice idea that comes out.  There are business online utensils made of wood for spoon, chopsticks, fork, and knife that can be a substitute to use instead of using plastic straws.  It is gradually has been seen in some fast food chain.  Likewise, it is the avoidable use of plastic bags that can affect the ozone layer so consumers have bags to bring in the market.

The simplest way and at the same time there is an earning…there is money in the trash…in tagalog May PERA sa BASURA.

Ito na iyong mga pagkakataon na huwag dapat palampasin dahil the main purpose is to solve the problem.  Magkaroon ng mga ambag para sa pag aalaga ng ating kapaligiran like simply throw the trash in a proper garbage can and the waste segregation in the recycling bin.  It is the wet waste that refers to organic, biodegradable and to non- biodegradable.  Make a pit to put all the trash then bury it.   Another thing is the self-discipline too of every individual to push the environmental awareness.  If you think my share is enough to help the problem of the environment, thanks if you appreciate it.

Start collecting materials that almost rubbish.  Make a habit to become steward in God’s creation.  Nakatulong ka na kumita ka pa.  We are not running out of time to collect garbage that can be a source of income for selling.  Walang mahirap kung nagsisikap na baguhin ang buhay at iangat ang sarili sa karukhaan.  In this way, start the change then adapt it wholeheartedly.

In promoting a certain place for tourist spots, usually the first concerned is the clean surrounding that is comfortable for visitors.  I hope I inspire you to enjoy anything which is beneficial to personal needs and in the environment as well.


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