An Essay to Be a Competitive Individual


This is what I have done as prerequisite in the requirements (Essay 500 words) this is necessary for the completion of undergraduate courses why it is needed to comply with.

My sister gave her draft on how to make it.  Well after reading what she had done, I told my mother the distinction of my works from her.  In my comparison, what a heck was her way of doing the composition.  She is degree holder but her English is exactly like the fundamental English in primary school then I proudly share mine to my mother.  As usual, she opened her eyes wide and scolded me for the comparison I had made.  I have realized and have forgotten for a while that my sister is the favorite daughter.  Of course, in mom’s eyes, she is the best daughter for her.  No appreciation for the essay that I almost composed for my elder sister.

I am enjoying while doing this.  I am so inspired to compose this essay.  Our generation is the awakening realization that only to become an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is the means to survive in a decent way of living and having with huge amount of compensation that the Philippines could not offer.

Well two heads are better than one and since this is not for me, but this is my own style of writing, and only my sister feeds the necessary inputs to make the whole content filled which is related to her profession as Physiotherapist who wants to take some units to take the methods of teaching.


To pursue a higher education is an edge to acquire huge opportunities in different levels like adapting the new modern technologies, the equipment used in the facilities and to upgrade some innovations in the chosen field as my profession to attain the goal desire in life.

Academically, to garner additional units in order not to be out-dated from the hasten progress in the field of medicine.  The changes vary from time to time and I ought to be updated to equip myself in applying a better job so I am productive and flexible enough to different job opportunities around the world.

With this connection, I have decided to take Professional Teaching Certificate firstly, to impart the knowledge and skills from the clinical setting.  I want to explore the school setting, to meet the youth and various people from different walks of life.  Moreover, I would know more about the cultures and beliefs particularly the views of millennial; their values because I firmly believe I could learn things  and understand the new generations by mingling and finding their interests that would help me to grow as a person at the same time I could relay my teaching based on their values and interests.

In short that is a two way method of learning.  As student they will acquire learning academically at the same time I would get new ideas and opinions from these youngsters.  It is to transpire emphatically their world to understand their generation thoroughly so that I could cultivate with them things to be efficient to their chosen profession.

To broaden up the field chosen, is to attend and continue learning just like getting a teaching course.  It’s a new experience to determine how to incorporate the new principle of learning from present profession.  As a result, I am apparently qualified to the job needed as prerequisite so I can meet the job expectation.

We are in the modern world now so we are not only evolving in one corner to stay and wait for the next endeavor.  It is how to initiate and bring the changes in life to be career oriented and need for upgrade as well.  The society sets the various ways of updates such as attending seminars, courses, more trainings, conventions, online learning, making studies and implementation of the proven studies.

Hence, the completion of education is essential to uplift a person in different aspects of life such as sharing knowledge, skills and learning which is the utmost significant to fully developed the students practically and academically.  This is a challenge for me not only to gain in career growth but also to become financially stable because of meeting the qualifications needed in the job position. I firmly believe that people’s life has not ended in simple earning money; it is pursuing the goal to become successful in my field.  I have learned that it is not all about money; but it is quite good to equate the level of education and elevate the status of my life now.


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