I don’t know what may be the reaction of WordPress for posting this blog in this site…

I visit Quora and Simple Site.  I also have an account there to blog.  Well my reason is they have different contents of blogging like in Quora that the style is Q & A while in Simple Site, is somewhat different too and whatever site is, it has the uniqueness to be joined…

Let me share these here….The questions are from Quora and these are my answers….

How many of you vote or think differently than your parents when it comes to politics, and do you discuss your opinions with them?

Yes we almost discussed about politics issue, the good governance of the present administration that we understand.  I am trying to persuade them the change for themselves first like the on-time payment of taxes to avoid penalties unlike their times that they have been delinquent taxpayer.  I instill them the difference of paying on-time for the discount to be given and the amount is not bigger compare to being negligent to the responsibility they have.

I do explain what is the right thing than keeping what they used to do.  The application of change by heart so be conscientious of doing what is pleasant to the eyes of God.  I am trying to inculcate being an influencer for the necessary obligation to comply with the accordance of the law.

The COMELEC removed the name of not voters from the previous years, the failure to vote because OFW.  I am active and still in the list.

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What are the differences between graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, etc. in the USA?

Philippines and USA have the same pattern when it comes to education.  Bachelor degree are still considered undergraduate, 4 years are bachelor degree and bachelor degree is undergraduate course and so they should take the units in masteral to be called graduate degree.  Thanks and that’s all 🙂

45 Views – Answer requested by Eric Cherny

You can change 3 things in the last 200 years to try and make things better for one country or people.  What would you change, and what impact do you think it would have?

  1. It is the transition to federal form of government in the Philippines.
  • to become more developed country when it comes to agricultural research on how the Philippines can have productive and healthy land that can be produced more palay to become rice granary and not just sufficient to the country but rather we can contribute to the neighborhood countries and no need to import. The farmers are trying to give up to work in the field so if the Philippines can provide equipment to lessen working in the field because of old age, the machine can do the rest for the plantation of seeds in the rice field.
  1. It is to serve with compassion and empathy to Filipinos.
  • If the previous leaders’ really aim to help Filipinos, we are not suffering the tremendous poverty because it is the corruption pushed them to theft the funds. It should improve the infrastructure and development that we expect to see the real change. The expectations to become far ahead in all areas of development.  The gradual uplifting the life of an individual for allowing the two child policy law.
  1. The religious leaders respect the constitution that is apparently stated “the separation of the church and state.”
  • Since the beginning of time that I have started to become aware about Philippine Society, the Catholic Church does not stand as Mediator rather they are trying to bring destruction so if they support all the way change is to be seen every now and then.

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Can a woman accept to marry a poor and unstable man or conditions would interfere in their life?

Being poor is not permanent status in life.  If you are figuring out the picture of your dreams you tend to make a way to pursue to get what you want to achieve in life.

Sometimes the person needs an inspiration to do the things to change life for the better.

Just talk to arrange things for the couple.

38 Views –Answer requested by Mario Mabuoch Ngor

Why do teenagers value most of their friendships more than their family?

Sometimes they feel being neglected by family circle why they are inclined to be with friend.  They can open up their problems so friends understand what they have been through.

The resentment to the own family and the tendency is to become aloof to tell anything the burden, the pain of being maltreated from the house.

The parents push their children why they are not in good terms.  Sometimes they can’t establish the family bonding because they are busy to spend the family time to be together even just once.

30 Views – Answer requested by Ethnan Escobedo – 1 Vote

If you had to choose to be one animal for an entire year of your life, which one would you choose and why?

It is a dog.  A man’s best friend. Dogs are sweet and I want to play with dogs.  They can protect people so I know I can also do that.  They are lovers, good lovers to describe.

34 Views – Answer requested by Matt Troetti – 1 Vote

When do you know when to walk away from an argument?

If you stop replying, it is the preference to remain silent so they know you are out of focus and they let them speak without any uttering words from you 🙂

26 Views – Answer requested by Matthew Nun

Do people generally feel negative about a couple with a large age gap?  Why?

That is not big issue anymore.  My husband was 11 years older than me and we had good relationship.  That is a matter of give and take pattern to understand each other.  In fact, it is good to talk with the man older because they almost live more than a decade to share stories during those times that I was not born yet.  I learned things and I used to understand the gap 🙂

19 Views – Answer requested by Brent Brown – 1 Vote

What is the most lucrative field to go into, today?

In medical field, it never fails.  That is the field that is stable.  The income is good, you can acquire the best benefits for the family.

24 Views – Answer requested by James Rath

What course of career change should I undertake in order to be very well paid but that wouldn’t take me too many years to learn?

As what I have observed, having a bachelor degree has the huge opportunity to be well paid because they are the ones who are candidates for the promotion.  It really takes time to exert an effort to finish studies on the specific time frame.  Why do you need to rush everything if you are thinking the big picture of your future…

19 Views – Answer requested by Rick Ferr

Do intelligent people still have to ask for help if they can’t figure something out?  I know we should all learn to be self- proficient, but to what extent?

Usually intelligent people are unaware to what is really happening because when it comes to love they are the opposite of being the intelligent one.  It is their pride that refuse to accept that one part in her life is failure.  It is noticeable that they never approach other people to confide things.

18 Views – Answer requested by Cody Pafford

Is it more difficult to be passionate about something as we get older?  Why?

I think older men are more passionate.  They tend to give the best for the partner to make them feel satisfied…the feeling that no other men would take place because they are enough for the love.  No one will commit adultery if they can give what their partner needs.  And no one will ever cheat if the satisfaction meets and always reminded the significance of them to feel protected and loved.

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Is there a way for me to encourage my spouse to be more responsible?

Yeah if you have kids to support, the huge responsibility is waiting for the wonderful parents on how they are going to provide their needs to survive.

Encourage in a way, being an inspired to work hard to meet your standards for being responsible parents to children or as an individual.

12 Views – Answer requested by Nic Ro

How do you want people to view you?

I want to be remembered once they view me.  I want my message the remarkable one…that they would remember me and instill my name in their hearts that what I am writing here can help a lot to feel relieved and the truthfulness from the heart comes out because I already convinced them to share their sentiments, feel free to say what’s on their minds then voice it out 🙂

16 Views – Answer requested by Andrew Koltuniuk – 2 Votes


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