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I don’t expect this to see at Quora…as of today I have 10K answer views with 8 followers.  I joined only this month after the first question on July 27, 2018.  This is really overwhelming.

August  5&10 -14, 2018 Friday to Tuesday

What is a wisdom to head and heart essays?

It is the maturity wisdom at the head and empathy as wisdom at the heart 🙂

As a person who cares for other is by using the heart to feel what is the missing point in their lives meanwhile knowing the condition of other people is the maturity itself for thinking all sides of life to sacrifice.

The both wisdom work hand and hand to put in the situation of being the utmost and highest level of comprehension.

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What screams “I am a new parent”?

Usually I heard that to the new daddy saying “Yes I am daddy now!”

That is excited, full of enthusiasm to hug the new baby and carry him.  The tears of joy for the feeling of relieved after 9 months from the wife’s womb, the excitement and overjoyed.

The father is over protective to the kids especially if baby girl, always special and priority to pamper everything 🙂

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What are the eight practical solutions on how risk behavior can be prevented?

  1. Pray
  2. Make a contingency plan including the alternative or options to the plan.
  3. Choose the first priority.
  4. Be systematic and organize.
  5. Be optimistic in taking risks.
  6. Focus on the target goal and always stick to it.
  7. Stay as humble as you are so don’t hesitate to ask help if necessary.
  8. Be open to every referral.

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What is the thing that a husband can give to his wife after marriage but the wife cannot give to the husband?

I know the answer it is to have done sex in different positions ha ha ha!  How the wife can perform all if she doesn’t like it.  The husband could not easily convince the wife to give the best performance in it.

Am I bad for revealing this 🙂


As a doctor or nurse in the emergency room, have you ever been puzzled by the cause of a patient’s ailment?

Yes.  When I took my training in the caregiving course, I was assigned in the  pediatric section and I could simply diagnosed if patient had dengue fever because we used tourniquet in the arm of the patient to check the unusual rashes, the result was may be positive then for confinement to observe the rise and fall of platelets.  The on and off of fever is one of the signs and symptoms 🙂

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What if I told you that Satan was influencing you thru the Watchtower society with 99 percent truth and 1 percent lie and he did it by telling you, you can’t understand the Bible without the watchtower?

I have to stick to my belief because that is how Satan do temptation like when Jesus Christ challenged the devil to make bread from stone, the Satan said if you are true God you can easily do that…some style of the devil on how to win bad or the darkness.  Another form of deception to make people believe that there is no God exists.

I understand the Bible 🙂

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Are you telepathic and can you hear what strangers in close proximity are thinking and if so what is the meanest thing anyone has ever said about you in their thoughts which you heard?

If I have given that, I want to hear how the couple talk about how they love each other, how they show that love to one another and how sex could make them things work out if the relationship is in trouble.  How they manage the intense lovers quarreled 🙂


What are the things you could do to motivate non-physician staff at private hospitals who have become extremely disengaged, have lost commitment and don’t care about patients?

In the Nursing Theorists Book, it tackles how to develop empathy to be applied in the hospital setting.  It can be learned first in the school but since you are already working which the motivation is quite harder to see…it is better that Nursing Association should conduct seminar on how to apply empathy in every patients.  It is difficult on the side of the patients and families that nobody cares the hasten recovery and the healing process in the application at hospital setting so if the seminar is compulsory for Non-Physician at least everyone is willing to participate.  In the renewal of license it should be obligatory to have seminar before allowing the renewal of their licenses.  I am sure that is the effective way to motivate workers.

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What are the subconscious signs that a girl likes a guy?

Through the way they look at each other.

For treating the guy special…the girl is attentively serves him secretly.

She makes a way to come closer and to be friendly as much as possible.

She is aware to the activities he is joining then she does join either to notice her presence.

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How do you tell your 17.5 year old daughter that you are sick of her not helping with housework?  I already tried bluntly telling her.  Should I take away her phone & Xbox?

It is difficult to discipline children in Westernize countries according to them.  They are stubborn, the freedom is not used in a proper way.  To obey parents are rarely experience by them.  How to share them that the concerned to fellowmen has to show.  The parents should establish the rapport inside the house to mold them what is the necessary good attitude that a person should have.  It is the love and respect to be inculcated in them.

The over- used of gadgets that can destroy to be connected.  Set the time to use it for the quality time to spend in the family time 🙂

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What is a nurse’s worst nightmare?

The wrong insertion of needle size instead to brachial site, she inserted on the apical site.  Another is the intermittent flow or the fastest flow of medicine through the bottle going inside the body so the tendency is the patient’s chilling because of the nonstop flowing of medicine.

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There was a mentally ill man that I worked with and he needed something.  So he was constantly asking this woman if he could get or do something and she ignored him for fifteen minutes ad hid her face from him.  What should he have done instead?

She did not want to talk the man why she was trying to ignore him.  Probably she felt annoyed in his presence.  Feel bored talking to mentally ill man, only few workers has the patience to understand them…they are reluctant to show their importance in the society.


As an emergency department doctor or nurse, what’s the most clever and effective DIY fix you’ve seen a patient come in with?

Do the Nursing interventions like the name of patients, the profile and the medical history if there is already medical record to check.  Check the allergies and jot it down.  Don’t forget the vital signs for checking.  Taking up blood pressure, respiratory rate and the application of SOP.


What is the work life of a physician compared to a physician assistant?

The limited knowledge of assistant physicians.  They  might be lacking in some units to be registered physician.  Physicians are already registered doctor, the know- how of what the physician can do.  The salary is much better obviously from assistant physicians.  For assistant physicians it doesn’t mean the future would stop like that, the opportunity is open to become registered physician.

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How much should parents worry about what their kids are doing online?

Social media is helpful and very useful but it can destroy the person if they misused and abused using this.  Be cautious in dealing transaction through internet, there are many scammer who dwell to the point of various tricks just for easy money.  But on the contrary, this serves as the sources of information that can feed as to find the accurate and necessary answer to the research that are assigned to us.  Well expect the pros and cons to deal with the using of internet.


If 2 persons were left on an island, one of them is highly intelligent and the other person has average intelligence, who will be capable to rescue himself and the other?

In Castaway, he survived together with Wilson, and it took long ago when he was rescued; well I guess the two could not easily survive.  It is not based how intelligent a person from the other…if you are destined to stay longer, you could not find solution abruptly.

The two should cooperate on how their love ones know they are still alive.  Just wish the island is populous to ask help then that is the time to find rescuers.  Although the one is highly intelligent, he is more than enough to rescue, the people could not choose who deserves to survive, they are trying to rescue both the way they can as much as possible because that is saving lives.

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What makes a job the perfect job?  How do I know if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Follow your heart, it is your happiness to do what makes you feel comfortable in doing things.  If your passion into something is like that then go…do it.

The perfect job is depend on your standard because as we all know there is no existence of ‘perfect’ in everything, it is in us how to base the word perfection.

Just enjoy the things you think you will be satisfied 🙂

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Why are there some people here that will give uneducated and wrong answers without doing any kind of research or present facts?  Why do people think it is okay to just make stuff up and try to spread their idiocy?

If I know the answer I can quickly type my messages because I am sure I am right with the information I am sharing but if I am sort of doubt, I leave it like that and proceed to the next question, we should feed right information here as much as possible because obviously they need the accurate answer and it should be based on facts.

I find Quora the one which is reliable in conducting interviews from researchers who need valid answer and honestly I would recommend them if somebody asks me where to find respondents in thesis writing, it helps really so please this is not a joke,

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What is the ideal mind set, intelligence, or motivation of a student that is hoping to pursue his/her entry into a nursing or medical school?

I had an accident when I was in Dubai. You know the nurse in Kuwaiti Hospital was the one who made the stitches of my forehead.  When it comes to skills, Nurses are expecting to do the same.  In the minimal supervision, if the doctor is not available, they can do what actually the doctor’s expect them to.

That after absorbing the lesson, try to have an application in the hospital setting.  Why today there is specified title like Pediatric Nurse and so on.  They have to undergo a specialization.

After Bachelor Degree, go to the Masteral to see the continuity.

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What is a doctor’s nightmare?

If they are not successful to cure patients.  If they fail to heal the illness that patients expect him to do so.

If the patient failed to pay the hospital bill and if they run away from paying.


How long can a person admitted to a mental hospital?

They can stay there forever.  The reaction is observed once they take meds as tranquilizer.

It depends on the patients on how to take the process of medication.  If the patient is responsive and very willing to be cured, it takes a short period of months and it always depends on the case.

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I’ve got major depressive disorder treatment resistant.  Meds, exercise, hospital, ECT don’t work.  I feel like things will end by my own hand, sooner or later.  I’ve got 3 kids under 10.  How long should I try to endure things for the sake of my kids?

Just pray to God.  Cry out loud and come closer.  He moves in the life of everyone mysteriously.  Trials sometimes trigger us on how to cope up with it.  Medicine can help if you take it continuously but still prayer is effective healing process.  Just the strong faith to believe His own way how to heal you.  He can do miracle and it is the Bible can prove how great and magnificent God we have.  Try the covenant prayer.  Confess your sins directly to God just follow ACTS, and it is stand as Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

I hope I can help you with this share 🙂

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I’ve always wanted to know everything from a child to a teen, now I (think) I do, and I also hate it.  What is going on in my head?  How do I cope with these sudden feelings?

The sudden feeling is part of growth.  To accept changes from childhood to teenage life should be observed, there are many factors to consider like the how a child thinks and acts meanwhile as teenagers the finesse of moving should be shown because being a lady like and the puberty period.  Those changes are not easily adaptable to do.  The beginning to like opposite sex unlike being a child, you are simply playing without any thoughts but as teen you become curious in so many things 🙂

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How important are additional medical opinions  to patients?

To make sure if the first diagnostic is valid and reliable.  The second opinion can help alleviate the feeling of disappointment in some patients.

The second opinion is the final result of some tests to see what gonna be the next move to do to cure the illness.

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Why nobody is willing to support me to become a psychologist?

The profession is really the serious thing.  You can become a guidance counselor at school.  Why is important to you what people say…go and find the vacancy to start your career I am telling you, no regrets for taking the course.  You are not just simply employee in a certain company plus the fact the attractive salary is waiting for you.  If you get the job, treat them if you receive your first salary.  Be proud that you are a trainee psychologist in prestigious company.  Remember me if it happens to you good luck 🙂

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Which would you prefer, knowing yourself better or having more opportunities in life?

It is better to have more opportunities in life because you will know yourself better if you are equipped to a certain job.  It is a test of your ability to work in a field which is your expertise and by the time more opportunities come in your way, the better knowing of yourself well for accepting the job offer as flexible and productive employee you would be 🙂

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How do you get in touch with your emotions?  I’m addicted and lost and I don’t trust anyone.

No man is an island.  Open your heart to confide things it really helps to alleviate what you have been through.  That is the problem why the suicidal cases are getting worse day by day.  You have to open up.  There are many depressed people who don’t cooperate so how to cope an individual sentiments if you just keep away yourself from us.

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If a book/documentary came out that spoke of human the good, bad, and ugly side of people, how do you think it would be received by the majority?

That is being fair if we try to analyze the situation because as human being we are apparently with the combination of negative and positive attitude.  There is happiness and loneliness, not all are always favor to the happiness or the sweetest side only because we need to be fully grown up to experience the bitter side of life.  As we have noticed, the occurrence of advantages and disadvantages, the harmful and beneficial effects of things that being tackled.  The good and bad news so I am pretty sure the majority would realize to patronize that kind of unusual documentary.

It is just a matter of a thorough explanation of a writer in his craft, how he makes it more interesting and people would like it.

That is something unique because no one has ever done it yet, they are particularly focusing the good side of a person.

We are not consistent facing life at on the top…there are downfalls or shortcomings and this kind of topics are reliable, and credible because this is from true to life story.

I hope you like my answer 🙂

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Is it more painful to be burned to death or to be frozen to death?

Frozen to death for seeing my whole self than burned to death, they could not imagine what I looked like unlike if frozen, my face could easily be identified, they could easily determine I am that person 🙂

14 Views – Answer requested by Dan Andrews

If we are what we eat, could our behaviors be changed by just changing our food?

I don’t think so…it depends on how people treat their fellowmen.  Moslems don’t eat pork but there are many Filipina rape victims from Arab countries, they are like pig for treating Filipinos there.

It doesn’t reflect to what we eat, it is the behavior and not based on the food.


How did you find your motivation in life?  I considered my life as meaningless because it was loveless.  I was very shy and I had low self-esteem.  I didn’t want to die, but I wasn’t interested in life.  I was spectator of my life.

You are depressed.  Go to somewhere else to relax, meditate and stress free, your life would not only evolve in having a relationship to opposite sex.  Meet new friends and do things which are newly heard, something different and unique just restore your interest to other things.  New discovery can help your worth and please try to pray earnestly.  Talk to God and ask to guide you by the Holy Spirit to make you refine and happy again 🙂

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From your perspective, what is something hard for any kid to understand?

Why the parents need to live separately.

Why to come up with the filing of divorce if things will work out through them…that kids are the weapon to have strong bind one’s family.  Why the parents’ pride sometimes hinder to become a family again.  Why they could not decide just for the sake of the kids to be reunited and forgive each other then, forget the bad times to settle things to become good again…

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