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There are many questions at Quora and these are the highlighted for me that hits by viewers.  As usual these are incredible views that I gained.

These are the best, the final blog I am doing at Quora that I post it here.  Honestly I do enjoy answering the question there.  I feel I help them lessen the burden they have in their hearts.  I could easily identify my essence being at Quora 🙂

I hope to get married someday.  In one sentence, can you tell me what should I do?

Just make it sure that you love the person you are going to marry and never the thought of separation, annulment, or divorce or whatsoever because LOVE is the secret key to solve the problem of couples, everything will work out if true love.

250 Views – 3 Votes  :  Lisa Allen, B.A.,M.A. from St. John’s University (1980) upvoted my answer

This question is quite interesting to answer.  If all people are trying to prepare the future in marrying and my answer is the thing they would consider…Happy Family Day!

What are the eight practical solutions on how risk behaviors can be prevented?

  1. Pray
  2. Make a contingency plan including the alternative or options to the plan.
  3. Choose the first priority.
  4. Be systematic and organize.
  5. Be optimistic in taking risks.
  6. Focus on the target goal and always stick to it.
  7. Stay as humble as you are so don’t hesitate to ask help if necessary.
  8. Be open to every referral.

1.7k Views – 2 Votes

            I am happy with the result of this question with my answer as in I really don’t expect it is like that.  I designed all these answers in my mind.  Thinking the possible tips to consider and lesson learned based from experienced.  That all the wrong moves in life are ought to be corrected through giving these guides.

What do students from premiere medical institutes of India think of those MBBS students from ordinary private medical colleges?  I don’t need sugar-coated answers.  You may go anonymous if you like.

As I have observed, Nurses from India have unusual training, well-enhanced like when she made the stitches  on my forehead when I had an accident in Sharjah, I went to Kuwaiti Hospital and she had done all the necessary treatment in me.  Sometimes it is not about the school yeah partly it could help but if somebody has the nerve to do the amazing initiative treatment to patients either you are in private or public school just by heart you are performing the task well, it is never an issue anymore.

As I have observed, the training from public hospitals are quite enhanced, and apparently with less supervision unlike in the process at private hospital why the public hospitals offer attractive salary.

345 Views – 3 Votes

Why is emotional pain the worst of all pain?

Because weighing the heart and mind are the hardest part, like in Anatomy that head is superior than heart, why it places above the heart to use our mind to balance the two though your mind wants to stop loving the person but your heart tolerates to do so.  Why you suffered so much to your feelings you have to someone is because you are carried away to love a person deeply.  You do expect and don’t want to disappoint why the emotional pain is the worst in all pain.

10 Views – Answer requested by Kearney Smith

What’s the most useful thing you do in your free time?

Like now I am answering questions here at Quora.  I am happy to have my given answers that I wish it helps to ease their burden.  I want to make accurate and satisfy answers to every question they have in mind particularly to those who are about to give up because of broken heart.  I could see myself in them during my downfall sides of life, that I felt the end of the world because of the frustrating first love who came across the pathways for me.

That every pain is a thankful side to realize that in life we need to suffer a lot because in due time there is always a gift of surprise prepared for us.

Every trials is designed for us to become determined to fight in every struggle and hang ups in order for us to become stronger to hold on the promise of forever 🙂

Be optimistic to face life no matter how hard it is.  Keep the faith in the heart of everyone and never give up.  Remember the shower of blessings upon us and we are grateful for that.

So smile and the make the whole world know that our existence is the significant essence of being here.

18 Views – 1 Vote

What screams “I’m a medical student”?

This is the incredible one for thinking about it.  In learning the field of medicine is quite harder because of handling the life of everyone…the human being.  The delicate body system that is about to study by HEART.  It is not that easy that almost memorize the physiology of Human Anatomy.  It is the toxic side of paramedical course.  The life of a person depends upon the medical personnel inside the hospital how to prolong life and to cure patients immediately.  Oh yeah what screams as medical student for concluding the fact like that!

62 Views – 1 Vote  Answered requested by Joel Arnold

As a doctor or nurse, have you ever come across something that made you feel disturbing ill?

The frightening moment in the training as medical personnel is the needle used for taking the blood which the possibility to have AIDS.  If we have an open wound to acquire the contagious disease is a nightmare to consider…it is not the cause of coitus why a person is diagnosed of having the HIV viruses because the bloodstream from AIDS victim is the source.  That is being caused of disturbance.

112 Views – Answer requested by Josh Knight

            Quora is one of the samplings to utilize in the thesis writing.  This is the reliable sources of respondents in the survey.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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