In speaking, it is like I could not utter any words to say.  Oh my!  Well as my fingertips press the keyboard, these are the topics…

I want to concentrate now to write.  I am eager to find any topics for the next blog honestly.  The latest activity that kept me busy was the time of doing the painting the wall of our house.  The feeling is so good to see the new shade of the wall that in dreams to like it.  I had done brushing and using the ladder to see the changes the before and after.  I saw the happiness after.

The disruptive activity that I normally do is due to the bonding of the family.  My sister ended the contract from abroad why we changed the routine works.  Some bonding with my relatives for being balikbayan but I missed to be with them when they had visited the Dine @ Log.  That is one of the decent restaurants here in my place and I have already promoted it here in my blog too.

For quite some time, I changed my activity, of course my thoughts was to focus how to do the painting professionally.  My sister was guided me to follow the consistent one stroke direction using the brush and the ladder to reach the not yet painted area.  We had shared the funny conversation for the contract to become laborer and the asking price for the deal.  That we would also establish the Cleaning and Painting Services as our business and so on.

Everything can be learned and apparently there is no impossible to do things once the person has the enthusiasm to find the better way to make it happens.  So if everything can be learned, what is the stand of same sex marriage in the Philippine setting?


In the debate of my Grade Eight cousin who asked my views about same sex marriage because her group as Anti or against should agree or disagree to be implemented in the country.  She gathered information to defend their stand. My sister was trying to cite the reasons to disagree.  I raised the possible questions on how to say that things can be learned if love is involved.  But the consistency of my sister’s view regarding the Anti for the defense is that “lust, trend, and pleasure” why same sex marriage has an approval for millennial today.  She stated that is only in the state of mind and stick to believe that only man and wife and no one else, citing in the family code the probable cause so how to contradict the statement.  She added in her example for having an ideal family not to think the same sex marriage and stick to become in the righteous side of the situation.  Although in the Westernize countries they approved and implemented it, because that is according to the cultures and beliefs but in this country, we should disagree.  That love can be learned too…a person should marry the opposite sex for choosing what is righteous and not wanting the desire of lustful and sinful.  So from the beginning up to the final debate, the consistency of defending against the implementation in the country…that in the situation of the ideal family, there is no room to agree the same sex marriage.  It is the devil act for following the desire of the body, the lustful which we should earn good points to enter the Kingdom of God.  The life here is the preparation to practice the righteous way of living than to follow what is their desire temporary or pleasure that people could acquire.  The earth is only in sinful nature but heaven is the final stage and everlasting happiness to be fulfilled.

Another contradiction is that being true to ourselves, to let feel the love like gays to find the same gender.  It is their defense to become true because the truth will set you free…at least in choosing the one you love than pretending that happiness to follow what is that righteous…

The reverse psychology comes up with that is … always think to do good things which is pleasant to God…the motivation of the family to instill the fearing God above all in order not to commit mistakes nor to sin.  The lustful and pleasurable to the sinful world but with the connection to God is eternal and forever.  Just don’t obey for what is trending as what the thoughts of millennial nowadays.  So the final defense…to disagree the implementation of same sex marriage in the Philippines.  It should be disapproval of Filipino citizens from this country.  Be consistent to what is righteous.

In terms of health issues, it is to disagree because the occurrences of different possible diseases to be acquired like syphilis, cervical cancer for female.  The result of multiple partners and the tendency is to acquire different contagious diseases.  It is also the percentage of acquiring women to have cancer for the misused of the part of the body like fingering the women’s internal private part that can cause severe and painful situation.

How about the solution to decrease the population rate for reconsidering the same sex marriage implementation?  The adoption of children is the good result for that.

The purpose of marriage is to propagate for the normal husband and wife but to the same sex marriage when it comes to the adoption process, it may not help children to explain the parents who are actually the mother and father if they both male who is the real mother…and father.  The confusion for the children to distinguish and it may result the psychological effect for them in all aspects of life such as physical, moral, spiritual and in the intellectual aspect as well.

Usually, the gay and lesbian or tomboy are merely saying that they could not feel the love for the opposite sex since the time they become curious in themselves.  Although they have tried to do the relationship still the feeling could not be changed anymore…yeah abnormal to consider but to fight for it is the main goal.  So in order to win in battling debate as Anti, the debater should focus or concentrate that an ideal family is the basic unit of the community so the parents are responsible to mold their children to what is the rightful thing and show the incomparable love not to find the wrong love to those tomboy and gay in the society today.  Though it is noticeable that the strong influence comes from the social aspect of gay and tomboy, people should be aware what is the determination to defend and consistent to what they believe in…hence lust, trends and pleasure are the outcomes of sinful nature.

Good luck to the debaters who are Anti…defend the answer consistently to win.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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