The hardest thing is always to make the good beginning.  What introduction can catch readers to make a noticeable craft that can gain more followers in a certain blog and then do expect that every beginning is a trial and error pattern to succeed?

In life, the ups and downfalls are happening so apparently that is predictable.  It might be the uncontrollable side to find solution in every struggle, to fill the shortcomings.  In health issues, what are the things to do to maintain a healthy living like the past few months that my absence to do the same routine.  I am trying to discover a healthy lifestyle to prevent acquiring diseases as much as I can do like the carrots and oranges juice in the experiment that I have done for myself.

Well this is what I have read to blend together the cube size of carrots and oranges plus some amount of water to maintain a healthy living.  I put it on the blender and mix together until it becomes juice.  The anti-oxidant to have inactive cancer cells that can destroy the body.  It also reduces the high risk of acquiring cancer so being a vegetarian can fight the early signs and symptoms of any type of cancers why I am health conscious and aware the right food to eat to have a long life to live.

If a person wants to lose weight, just do the same pattern of making this carrot-orange juice.  If there is beneficial effects expect the harmful effects to the body, so always monitor, watchful, and take it moderately.

This is the healthy breakfast that I prepare for myself.  Omelette with Carrots.


To end the blog is another thing to think about…no offense meant if the contents of my blogs can hurt anyone.  There are sensitive person that could not get over with any topic that I am sharing.  To those readers who think they are obese and if they would not easily accept the fact of being that one.  If you could not digest the information just leave it.  Just substitute the term, they are voluptuous.

I am here not to hurt anyone.  It just happened that I have been through the total healing that I want to observe for myself.  From the previous blog also that seemed to be big deal for them because of gay and lesbian issues.  Hey I am not referring to anybody; it is just that I want to support my cousin to win the battle of debate for attaining the highest grades.

The truth about blogging is being cautious to share things that may not hurt them.  I am not intentionally posting to criticize or judgmental to mind their life to live…just that the issue is asking by chance to support and defend what is necessary.  Well let me apologize for that.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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