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When I have started blogging here in WordPress, I don’t expect that I would write about politics issue.  As much I can, I really don’t want to mix political topics but when the feeling of being the unjust treatment came along, that the present administration is facing the hardest one…I set aside those views in blogging.  I thought I have to do something…I gathered what people say either bad or good…that is the weighing scale to decide what should I write so to fair enough is to give the equality in my write ups why until now, I keep on writing what people don’t know in this present administration.

  1. Like in Boracay Island, if no Duterte Administration, the abused of that island is apparently noticeable, it is the maintenance of cleanliness and the healthy tourists going to the island. He wants to secure the residents and the tourists as well…
  2. The Duterte Administration is exactly like BDO and Metrobank when it comes to the service rendered by the people….He sees to it that they FIND WAYS to make people believe the CHANGE is on the way under his administration and WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS because we are being protected and secured in any criminality that we are facing….now gradually most in the provinces, WE FEEL that.
  3. The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) if Filipinos try to glance, the WOW and bonggacious the new one for the modernization of jeep.  The feeling of seeing an airport.
  4. The PRC offices where the obligation of getting licenses. It is the organized and systematic way of providing to the people.  The payment is really affordable for the renewal of it.  They are pursuing to remove the corrupt officials inside the premises.
  5. The issuance of passport that plans to get in the nearby Municipalities where we live to make it easier for the people and not to spend time going to DFA in the City.

These are the remarkable changes under Duterte Administration aside from Drug Issues…sana makita nila iyong kaliit liitang bagay na nagawa dahil kung ano ang maliit na iyon, iyon ang tunay na nakakapuwing sa lahat.  In fact, he is not yet reached the three years in governing but the opposition wants him to kick out.  Just give the deserving years of staying because everything has its own proper timing and never rush the hours in his leadership.  Gusto naming namnamin ang bawat minuto sa pagiging Presidente Duterte sa aming lugar na kinalakhan at maambunan na ang pagsilip sa mga lugar na unti unti ng nakita ang tunay na pagbabago lalo na sa lungsod kung saan maraming dumarayo para mas mapaunlad ang mga sarili, ito ay the Capital City of the Philippines which is Manila.

Don’t pretend to be in a blindfolded and deaf to see and feel these changes…nandito na iyong mga nasabi na sa mga plataporma….these are part of the platforms of Mr. Duterte during the campaign period, kung naantala man iyon ay dahil sa sobrang katalamakan na ng DROGA sa bansa, within six months at least now, this is the fruit of those sentiments we have before.

Kung nakita na natin ang ganitong kagandahan sa bansa since the time he is governing, the continuance of this good start should be followed by our choice and we have in our mind who is the next leader who can do that…

Well…the cooperation to have a better nation is in our helping hand.  I hope everyone can appreciate if it is still “little things” for them, because for us these are great accomplishment, Mabuhay Pres. Duterte.  Mananatili kaming kaisa ninyo sa pagbabagong gustong matamo ng bansang Pilipinas.  If in the provinces can do, how much more in the city….

🙂 🙂 🙂


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