WINTER SEASON: The Coolest One

In every Christmas day that we had, I thought we were the only one who had the saddest moment…

In every Christmas day that we had, I felt we were the only one who had the melancholic part to celebrate it…

In every Christmas time that we had, I considered we were the less fortunate for having the incomplete members of the family…and Tatay was the missing person during those times…

Traditionally, we had preparations.   In fact we had Suman, the Filipino Style of Spaghetti and other way of cooking during Christmas time like Chicken Adobo and Pancit on the table.

We were absolutely fortunate enough because we had tasted Queso de Bola and Ham from our relatives every Christmas time.  We never experienced to buy those expensive preparations because they actually provided us why during those times, I felt relieved although my father was the missing person every Christmas day.

WELL, I had never experienced to put socks from the window to get the gift from parents which they were the symbol of Santa Claus.

Yeah, we had Christmas tree with Christmas Lights to have seen the different colors of that holiday season.  It enlightens the path of life…likewise it gives color to the life of everyone.  The joy, happiness, excitement of surprised it brings to human life that could not be the gloomy days to consider.

I experienced to receive money from my godparents, stateside gifts from abroad for being an immigrant resident of America.  Those were bags, perfume, lotion and many more.

When I worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker, we had celebrated Christmas there.  It was the togetherness of my co-workers inside the company.  The same way of Filipino cultures like exchanging gifts, gathering and spent the endless conversations about Christmas events, the Christmas raffle given by the company.  Those were the missing point in life to cherish.

There was traditional way of attending Misa de Gallo that I perfectly and extremely done while I had worked abroad.  Everything was orderly and systematically organized.

Since Christmas time is fast approaching, I curiously ask myself now, what could be the feeling of experiencing having a family in Christmas Eve.  How are my relatives spend that much during those times…what could be the difference to distinguish the happiness they have if seeing those laughter in them…what if we were also having a complete family…what may be the life is…there are many questions raised from the moment I am meditating in the corner of the house where I live at.

I remember Tatay gave us Holy Bible with his dedication type written and apple one Christmas when I was in high school.  I could not forget the first time I heard news about him…his whereabouts and the new family they had.


If I have given a chance to fill the empty moments during he was out of my life, probably, I would choose to let him come in the house to become a home.  If I have chosen to ask what symbol of Christmas, I would choose the light to give lights to those who are in the total darkness.  I would prefer scented candlelight to roam the fragrance in the entire room of a house.  I would buy chandelier to place in the center of the ceiling to have the entire lightness.

The hardest and saddest part to all children who are suffering nightmare for being incomplete is for the parents decision to break up…to parted ways for having the life of their own because the children are tremendously in pained, hurtful deeply.  It may cause psychological effect in their growing up.  Sometimes the children are aloof to have social life aside from being introvert.

If only those parents have decided to become a family, a home for their children, the joyful side of opening the gifts they were busy preparing to make them glad.  If only those parents could sacrifice a lot for the sake of their children, the seemingly happy faces to have seen and their eyes that say a thorough contentment is apparently noticeable with truthful and tactful that might be.

The shopping time is a form of bonding to every family.   They are grateful to have attentive kids who make a way to remain a family.  Every child is a gift so the parents are ought to hear their kids to avoid separation that turns to annulment or divorce.  Learn to fight and keep the intact of the family.  Why annulment or divorce should not adapt is for making an excuse to live separately because out of love…they keep to use to say it in order to have an approval to tolerate divorce irresponsibly.

What status do we have today is for us to cherish…to enjoy and leave a lesson to everyone that having a complicated life is for acquiring the chances of separation so live life in simplicity and follow the footprints of our Creatures to instill in our mind the value of fundamentals.

Definitely, the life is the combination of neutron and proton, the negative and positive angle…it is the huge understanding of human life to let become chemist sometimes in our own lives to see if we are growing as a person.  Are we mature seeds to know the real life is….


Anyway, the all Souls Day and Halloween first before Christmas, let me say this for my dearest hubby, have rest in peace and Tatay in San Miguel Cemetery at Puerto Princesa City…just visit us here, let your soul come and join others as butterfly or any form you like most.  For my grandparents who were the best parents during our childhood days…thank you once again for making us the responsible person although the absence of Tatay to guide us in the path of life that usually a responsibility that he should to be given for us.  The lacking points he had to fulfill was the two of you who substituted most for sharing your ears and heart to hear our sentiments and became an outlet to pursue…without you, the miserable life were expected but because of your presence then, you taught us to have the kind of life with dignity though still we don’t have wealth here on earth to proud of, at least the essence of life is the fulfilling and satisfying as a person.

Happy Halloween!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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