The Business Corner….

When I seriously handle and establish my own business at 2010, I have learned many things to consider.  I am engaged for eight years as Solo Entrepreneur.  The management is hands on and a bit harder on my part for doing the multi-tasking in different areas like in merchandising, marketing, selling and at the same time assisting clients too.  Here are some tips to guide if people want to enter in the business world.

It is my patience to understand customers…they tend to scold me and honestly I scolded them back too.

Sounds funny but I really did.  I also fond doing some test if customers have truth information about themselves or they are just lying because scamming is everywhere and if you are in engaged in business, never trust them 100%.  Put the doubt always; we are unsure of what people can do to us.

I have tried recently the test to two entrepreneur come from the internet.  I have done to choose item for my Christmas gift to customers and I let them undergone test.  The conversation goes like these:

You know I have the same approach to the two of you…

When I had stated the word ‘scammer’, she understood but you acted differently;

In business sensitivity should set aside because you are in the business world, it is your patience to understand customers…

Observe the long term adjustment.

In the business, the strict competition is noticeable.  There are many new competitors so it is always the adjustment period to do if the sales are already affected.  I tend to make new strategies to attract more customers although that is quite hard to maintain to lead in the business, I want always something new to invite others to visit my place and try the new products in sale even though the line of business is far related like the trends nowadays about online products.  That is considered an extra income aside from the regular sales that is expected.  I wish to promote lipstick of Vice Ganda but there is no available in Shopee and Lazada his products… if only it is one of the choices, I would enjoy clicking SHOP to take the item for the cart.

Go to the promos.

Sometimes it is lowering the prices of an item to grab by customers.  We don’t need the overpricing of our products particularly if the expiry date is about to end.  I usually give lower amount of a certain item which is almost nearing in the expiry date indicated there.  It is better that way than letting to spoil the items for garbage can.  Since I have varieties of goods to sell plus the shop for computer rentals, I also include the maximum of three hours using internet to give discount for only P20 per hour if the customer reached more than three hours using computer but if not still P25 per hour is the regular price they have about to pay.

Bear the Sweetest Smile all day.

              The quite harder to do is to smile although I don’t feel to maintain it in a day.  Of course it is not always the good mood particularly if we encounter customers who almost shouted us to get our attention….to catch our focus.  Otherwise, don’t be amazed if sometimes customers make us shock absorber.  As what I have said, not every day brings light issues in life…sometimes we are forcing to carry the heavy baggage either from the house or somebody who makes us feel irritated and uncomfortable to have a good day.  We cannot avoid the unwanted circumstances that usually we might have been through…but don’t let those bad moments spoil our day.  Always try the inhale and exhale after every transactions to each customers to refresh the good feeling.

The last but not the least is…

The Power of Prayer.

              The shaky stage in business is three years.  If you reach three or more years, it means you are entering in stability mode so be glad and congratulate yourself for another achievement and go to the next level or on the next step of your own ladder to glimpse for your success…the bundle of prayers to make the impossible moves to see the progress and to boost self-confidence for acquiring the best for your business.  Only few have given a chance to almost reach the peak…there are many setbacks but prayer plays an important role to have the best weapon to conquer all circumstances to attain the goal of success.


Sa mga natutunan ko na struggles na dumating sa loob ng eight years, probably because I keep on waiting to attain what I have been accomplished.  Mahirap iyong stage na nasa doubtful moment…tama bang magtiwala kung alam mong tatagilid ang Bangka at pwedeng ikapalubog iyon.  In business din kasi, hindi lang lahat ang point is to earn dahil gusto din matulungan ang iba, or to help hand in hand para makamit iyong tagumpay namin ni customers at ako.  Maganda din kung masaya ka sa ginagawa mo dahil doon pa lamang alam mong tagumpay na iyon dahil sa sayang dulot ng ginagawa para sa iba at kumita pa.  Mahirap din dahil may tension, may stress lalo na at maraming kakompetensiya na baka tuluyang hindi na tangkilikin dahil sa mga bagong nagsulputang mga kalaban sa negosyo…though sabi nga nila “the more the merrier” so the tendency is lower the cost of living for the sake of attracting more customers.  Sa mababang presyo mas iniaangat ang buhay ng iba para parehas ang magandang pagkita.

Another thing that I have learned my lesson in business world, kailangan alisin ang pagiging balat sibuyas or being sensitive…hindi dapat indahin kung anuman iyong mga nasabi ng customers dahil gusto nating lahat mag ingat.  We protected ourselves from any scamming in outside world kaya nga dapat iyong “doubt” nandyan lagi iyon.


Sa ginawa kong test sa dalawang tao, the same approach with different reactions…si lalaki naging sensitibo sa pagbibigay ng kanyang explanation while si girl, she was consistent to deal with me…she entertained me well on how to get what I want to have for my Christmas gifts…nagkibit balikat ako sa pangyayaring iyon….we cannot blame us for the thought of ‘scam’ bakit hindi maintindihan noong lalaki ang punto ko…naturally the first timers could not trust that easily and he has to get what is my point….

Happy Christmas is approaching anyway….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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