The Life….

The enormous perspective in life why the consistent stronghold is being performed is because of the hopeful glimpse for the brighter tomorrow.  Life is beautiful nevertheless it is difficult, full of ironical angle of different situations or struggles, and there are challenging parts though sometimes it is the niggle approach to be noticed.

I extremely explained that “life is the precious moment, a gift that no matter how we want to give up, still we are determined to pursue moving forward enthusiastically.”

Probably I am quite optimistic although there are times I don’t feel that tomorrow is another day….because tomorrow is the resemblance of yesterday for the feeling of tiresome.  It seems like I want to cry out loud just to ease the various sentiments intensely.  In the corner of my heart, it says that don’t stop believing the value of life you want to fight for…’, the force conviction of God to keep on trying to love what I am doing…the essence of life is not a matter of living in luxurious way thus simple living is quite uplifting the moral…that the following the footprints of the Son of God when He lived as man.

I remember the time during with my hubby when we were exchanging our opinions about life; we simply talked the hardships we had experienced as an Overseas Factory Worker and when he worked as Seaman.  My hubby took Associate in Marine Engineering at Golden Gate Batangas Cty.  I never expected him to die in a simply living here because we presumed what we had been through were the biggest trials that we surpassed…he could die when he was working abroad but when he stayed here, that was the time he wasn’t safe for the shot on his head the bullets from gun of riding in tandem men….for hitting him.  The worst thing what happened in his life because I knew that I already loved him.

I had shared my views in life to his mother…that no matter how difficult to face life, still life is beautiful.  Although to have decent way of living is the challenging part, I never wanted to give up.  I was so much eager to reach success together with him but when he died, everything turned to nothing.  I had started to become reluctant to live, I was not interested in so many things … I lost my love of my life.  My hubby was a dignified man for me of course…I liked his initiative way of helping me in so many things.  He used to elaborate the simple take care and love in the special effect that really was overwhelming.  His sweetest moved during the time we were together…if we were in his town to have some fun and the best bonding we ever had, those memories that I treasured most.  He was my life honestly.  He indeed made me realized the value of humility as a person who follows the walks of life with Jesus.  He wanted me to dream not too far, nor to have a larger edge to take ahead.  I missed him so much.  I learned many things from him.  He was a man who gave importance all my decisions in life…he supported me all the way…probably those were times I could not help myself to forget the man who became the special one.  He accepted me as what to whom my family had all about the bad past, He made my weaknesses as my strong to fight even sometimes we thought things were impossible.

Honestly, I don’t know what my future will be…if there’s really a man for me after the tragic moments with my hubby five years ago.  The truth is, being alone is quite difficult for me and to work independently.  I wanted to have someone beside me but my former hubby is hindering me to have another guy.  My hubby is actually irreplaceable.  I hate comparisons when it comes to love matters but this is something a significant choice if ever I would fall in love…

I therefore consider giving my focus on things that keeps me busy.  I am enjoying honestly although I don’t know who or what inspires me why I have direction to try living that equates me to deal life with.  Perhaps it could be my bundle of dreams why pursuing to go on with life with optimism and never minding the untoward circumstances that can destruct me.

Well I just don’t know why there are some who commit suicide, who ended their own lives meanwhile there are dying person who almost wanted to prolong their lives like the cancer survivor who eager to take any medicine to be healed, to find the possible way to cure themselves so we only one life and make the most of it to use and become worthy the gift we receive…

This is my second blog for November.

I hope I encourage everyone to have an enormous optimistic outlook in life no matter how difficult sometimes because somehow everything turns dealing with the positivism of what our great dreams to be.  Life is not only encompasses with the memories of the past, let’s try to look for the other days ahead of us, like the crystal clear of water in the streams…the falling of snow that normally does during Christmas time that still a Merry Christmas brings the new beginning to those who are starting to have something unusual after the storms…the cooling breeze of every morning that awakening to end and leave the footprints of yesterday…so embrace the new morning of the coolest one and bear the smile all day 🙂 🙂 🙂

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