The survey has done for acquiring the expected answers to meet their standards:

Am I earning for doing this blog?

Nope!  I directly answered that I didn’t receive anything from blogging.  It is just that writing makes me feel so cool and refresh as my passion.  They have said that in time, I can have an earning from doing this…that this can be my source of income.

But I am sorry to tell them that it is not.  They should know than expecting that I have plenty of income when it comes posting the article I want to write.




What satisfies me for keeping to blog without any centavo gained from it?

I see to it the way I write here is quite informative like in the Duterte Administration’s accomplishment that everybody didn’t notice it.  I want to emphasize those ‘change is coming’ is almost there and let them feel it…not to blind and deaf to defend what are supposed to be an improvement to every Filipino who aspire to witness the progress.

Well for the record as first time in the history that new applicants and those for renewal of passport was held in nearby municipalities wherein a great help for the residents to comply with the mobile passport than to take in traveling going to any designated DFA offices.   Those were absolutely with our cooperative Mayor in town…. no other than our pretty and known as Bubut Brondial and Mayor Aristeo Baldos.  The successful, very systematic and organized of applying the mobile passport in the Municipality where I belong was indeed the highlight of Duterte Administration that I personally witnessed here…one of the changes are coming in its way to be implemented.  The total expenses:  P 1,403=P1,253 payment to Western Union of Passport and P150 for the LBC Courier.  Expect the Second Batch for Mobile Passport, maybe earlier next year….hopefully!  Fill the 1000 slots!  There’s a hope that also in PRC application in the same way too…

With the gratitude that they deserve not because their responsibilities to serve people, it is the rapport and empathy to know the situation of Mindoreños.  Yes to Duterte Administration!  You are the BEST PRESIDENT ever!

The other thing is based from my own experiences as Solo Entrepreneur in my place…for the great opportunity to enter in business world wherein I could not entice the longevity of commitment in handling the one I owned that I almost established for eight years exactly with the one who helped me out while adjustment is quite has done with gradual growth truly….they are my two sisters…they are my guiding stars during my darkest times in the management… they serve as my supporters particularly in the stormy days and downfall side of life and to our valued customers 🙂

How about my future plans to improve my blogging?  Do I mind more readers who could be my inspiration?

I started my first blog last June 2018.  In six months irregularly posting an article, I have 5 followers in WordPress with 6 likes, Simple Site with 236 views, meanwhile in Quora with 30.3k views and 10 followers.

To those sites I have joined, that is quite fine to boost my self-confidence to pursue my passion.  I don’t expect to have more readers in my limited exposures like in FB, Twitter, Google and Instagram account to see my works by friend’s list there…I don’t want to pressure them for liking my blogs specifically to those busy persons who reasoned out the busy life they have, the no time and insufficient funds to join in different sites.  Just being thankful for the moment they have tried to spend reading it during their spare or siesta time.  Of course their priority is to earn and practically wise to send money in the Philippines for love ones.

Probably my convincing power to catch their attentions aren’t that so much effective or due to many expenses to be prioritized than reading more or not their interest to find one resulting from the slow expected output.  The more English articles to publish, expect the lesser readers to join…Taglish and Tagalog are the one they prefer…only few towns have the highest literacy rate in my province so how could anyone who would be willing to spend time reading if they could not understand it well…

The FINAL words to say…

Apparently if you can afford to pay the plan in different sites, of course you can easily do blog.  As long as you are enjoying what you are doing, blogging is an ordinary task to be done.  It depends on your writing strategies; your style, what is something unique you can do to become noticeable your blog.  Love or life matters are the common topics to post, exotic food in discoveries…those are trending issues that catch more readers so it is a matter of choice to prefer in writing.  You can be popular if you hit more views in your blog…and the new career is expected; the new opportunities come your way in a matter of million views so it knocks your door if you are the one to be chosen…

On the contrary, don’t expect too much to change your life in blogging.  This could be the frustrating level for you but it can lead to be an inspirational tool for your dream so instead of wall try the bridge and ladder for the preparation to glimpse the hopeful aspirations of reaching your goal.

For me, blogging is culminating my soul.  I am enthusiast to find out the fruits of my works due to write an article that fits and reflects the passion I have.  I am happy although I never gained anything from blogging…the single centavo is worthwhile if satisfaction is above to reach out.

Mas maganda din kung naiintindihan ng mga readers ang mga gawa ko kasi ano pang saysay nang mga bagay na sinusulat ko kung pakiramdam nila out sila sa mundo…Gusto ko din ialay muna sa mga kababaryo ko ang mga nagawa kong blog at mas gawing basahin at aliwin sila or if what I am writing is helpful and informative.

Moreover, the enhancement of skills in writing is one of the improving sides when it comes to blogging.  In due time, the amazing part is unexpected of imparting knowledge, lessons that could be a remarkable thoughts for them.

I am hoping to like and follow me in time to improve this blogging 🙂

Isang mapagpalang magandang araw para sa ating lahat….

Push the progress and be cooperative 🙂 🙂 🙂

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