The Special Holiday – The Food for thought

Pancit Palabok is one of the dishes that I am fond of.  Usually if I do order the combo meal at Jollibee, this is one of the choices that I want to serve for myself.

Since Christmas time, I try to cook Pancit Palabok through the guide of Panlasang Pinoy Special Recipe.  Google plays an important role in my cooking time to have the best preparation as first timer who attempts to do it by myself.

The first trial was not successful because my mother diluted the annatto powder in simply water in the faucet.  I have read in the recipe that it should be diluted in the ground broth.

The preparation is quite exhausting but upon tasting my favorite Pancit Palabok for the second time because I have repeated my own procedure through the recipe strictly, I have seen the quite changes of color in it.  I love this way, in fact this is the shared picture….


I have secret ingredient added of Panlasang Pinoy Special Recipe.  It didn’t mention the one I discovered.  To cook is difficult one for me.  In the single preparation to cut into pieces those ingredients aren’t that easy and at the same time I assist customers as well.  The intermittent way of cooking because I know that is not my expertise.  I only assign in the cuisine lately in my life so don’t expect that I am used to it.

I have done the replacement … instead of pork, I preferred all chicken for the sake of my mother.  She stops eating pork and other meat.  Pure vegetables and fish are we usually have been preparing in cooking.  My elder sister monitors her blood pressure so we need to follow the doctor’s order for health purposes.  We don’t allow sweets for diabetes prevention.  The tendency once the elderly got sick it follows the complication why my sister is strictly has done the close supervision even if she lives outside the country.  She is Physiotherapist and what I like in her, is the application of what she has learned in the real life not only to her patients but to my mother as well.  If she can cure others why Mom cannot?  The other thing is to diminish the medicine intake of elderly for the prevention of kidney failure.  Once the elderly take too much medicine, expect the liver or kidney malfunction.  I am influence with that kind of thoughts how the proper caring for my mother is being done.

So even though the cruelty is observed as a mother to me, still the awareness in her moves should observed like what my other sisters have done to her.  Even sometimes I feel disgusted at her wrongdoings, I keep on trying to follow despite the fact that she almost eyed on me and blamed for her own reasons for she thinks my fault…family is family no matter what…and no matter the situation is harder.

I am doing the parenting to my cousin and my mother’s niece named Angeliq Mari.  It is hard to motivate her to bring the utmost preparation as a mature individual who can simply do tasks at home.  I encourage her to eat vegetables, as an early teen…thinking that it is never too late for her due of her mom failed to do so.  Likewise, I want her no left over food, no rice from her plate, do the washing and the know-how of using rice cooker…everything that she has to learn from basic things. It is quite harder to take on my part to do it for her.  She joins us in the house now and I want her to learn everything to become responsible human being.  She is fond of Korean, the millennial style nowadays that I gradually deprive her for liking that much all about them.  I inculcate and almost instill her not to…because we are Filipina and we should patronize our own.  Korean treated Filipina as slave so why we need to fond of those Foreigners…they are look like Tiger who only shouted domestic helpers in Korea, how ironic and sad the fact is!

When I have noticed the left-over food, I called and let her eat the remaining from her plate.  She laughed at me.  She simply knows my way of disciplining her.  My grandfather was exactly like that and even other our relatives.  My an old maid auntie who lives in Manila is doing the same way, so she should be like that too…the bountiful blessings are expected to shower on her if she follows me…and that’s an order.  I secretly laughed with my thoughts.  I want her to have fear on our Lord Almighty.  I let her join my mother attending the Misa De Gallo and make a wish.  I want her to teach the good points that the family had when they were still living…but forget the negative things which they almost had done …and stop imitating those bad thoughts of the family.  We can acquire the good and leave the bad!


Para sa akin iyan ang essence ng Christmas time sa buhay ko.  Hindi naman kailangan ng magarbong handaan,  I want to share to my cousin iyong anong content ng Christmas.  Deprive kasi natin iyong luho para sa mga kabataan ngayon.  Napakahirap itaas ng tingin sa mga Filipina sa matinding prostitution abroad…maraming kumakabit so from their young minds, we should motivate them what is all about good things in life…because good equals good…if you sum up good plus bad…we don’t know exactly what we may harvest in time. They say there is no existence of “karma” but it happens unknowingly.  Kumikilos ang Dios sa buhay natin at dapat aware tayo sa mga bagay na ginagawa natin sa mundong ito.  Bumabawi iyan sa ibang paraan kung may nagawang pagkakamali sa buhay at sa apat na dekada kong namumuhay na, ano pa ba ang hindi ko nasaksihan sa bawat sitwasyon ng mga buhay natin dito.

Sana sa bawat pagkain na kinakain natin, we should strive to let the food we eat is from a decent way of living.  Kung galing iyan sa nakaw, be sure your kids in time are the same as bad of those robbers because of the way of raising them.  Why human being is the highest form of animal, we have the rational way of thinking, we can set aside good from bad and choose the good to have a long life to live…the blessing that counts in heaven is to be earned here so for keeping to do good, expect the reward from God.

See you again…

🙂 🙂 😉

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