I just want to share…

I have seen in the advertisement the himig handog competition of composed songs and in the mechanics of two songs entries, the extension of submission meanwhile I was thinking to join but I don’t have any instruments to use only acapella and the copy of my song goes like this….here is the lyrics.  Well actually I have my tune that to be heard in YouTube…

Kung May Magagawa Lang Ako  – January 11, 2019

  Martini Hillary   

Isang umaga iyon

Na tayo’y magkasalubong

Mabilis na pintig ng puso

Na laan lamang sayo

Pilit mang isipin

Pikit matang tatanggapin

Mapait na kapalaran

Na maaring tamuhin

Kung may magagawa lang ako

Ibibigay lahat gusto mo

Gagawin lahat para sayo

Dahil sa laki ng pag ibig ko


Ikaw lamang sa puso ko

Ikaw ang pangarap ko

Pag ibig mo at pag ibig ko

Para tayong dalawa lamang

Kung may magagawa lang ako

Babaguhin takbo ng mundo

Magbabagong kapalaran

Nating dalawa

….at kung may magagawa lang ako!

                 I hope everyone who come and visit here, hear my compositions 🙂

Quite funny because the prize is huge amount why she is persistent to submit but sad to say…I could not meet the standard of their mechanics…if only I could play guitar to have the chords or the better yet song in the millennial age of today… likewise I could get the full support of my mother for the huge amount of prize to be given to selected winner in Himig Handog 2019… the extended submission is till February 17.

This is my first blog for 2019… the New Chapter is about to embark to sustain the awesome feeling of the new waves in life.  I attempted to have this blog in simple site too.

I just want to share…







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