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Good afternoon my dear classmates, ladies, gentlemen, to my mentor and to all of us here today.

Education is the gateway to dream on.  It holds to stick reaching the main goal to attain success that we are aspiring for.  If it says that patience is a virtue, to strive hard is not difficult to do.  To acquire knowledge and skills are through education why the assurance of good future is possible.  The mere fact is not poverty hinders to become rich in due time.  It is the weapon to every battle that about to face in life.  Likewise a tool to make a dream come true because it is the wealth that no one could take it away from us.

Weaving a billion dreams are free, limitless, boundless, because it is the desire of the heart to spread our wings to fly.  It begins the mind to think what journey figuring the thoughts of the future would be. Dreaming such as an establishing the huge and modern house, having a private vehicle which for me is a necessity and to have a comfortable life that I wish for.  Moreover, is the stability of having a perfect job for me in the near future which is almost superb to cite what I am dreaming for.

In the end, the school is not usually the bases to become what we are to be nor to assume the world we have in the future because we are the one who make our fate, what we are destined to be…so don’t judge anyone…no one can tell what might happen in time.

Thank you!



Good Afternoon to all of you…

It is my word to speak up about the significance of Social Media in our times today but the two scenarios to be known by the people, my fellow students, ladies, gentlemen, and to all here present in this afternoon state the facts that there are advantageous and disadvantageous…

At first, let me tackle the disadvantageous like:  the negative feedback of the scandalous that almost posted in various accounts particularly in Facebook that really a disgusting side and viral issues that commonly discussed in YouTube.  Sadly, it is the criticisms of adulterous scandals or any other shameful, deteriorated situations that to be known globally.  It is the posting of pornography that immorality becomes rampant in the society.  The contradiction of boosting morality, decency that Filipinos are trying to achieve is almost reluctantly noticeable.  Everyone ignores morality in all aspects of life.  Usually the netizens take it for granted, they try to reason out it is the trend in the modern world that we have now…that everything is permissible and accessible.  That is new millennium in the world today and the only thing we should do is to adapt changes.

However, let’s try to take a look the advantageous of Social Media in our world today.  The hasten access of everything through Internet  …that all things are possible to be taken from Social Media like doing the research paper to be passed as requirement from school.  We can easily acquire the right answers in the internet from school projects that our teachers assign us…just Google it and everything can be revealed, those such informative ideas are helpful, really grateful and useful in the society today.  Those kinds of innovative approach are inculpable because everything is beneficial, user friendly state-of-the-art technology that we can use nowadays but don’t forget the off limits of privacy and confidential matters for revelations.

Precisely, change are actually adaptable, it is inevitable so instead of trying to ignore, the learning period to adjust plays an important role in the life of everyone.  Start moving forward so stop looking back and hugely embrace the new things that the world can give without the doubt of detrimental issues that loosen and change us differently.  Just bear in mind that as long as we are in the right path, no one hinders us to do things freely.  It is our right to speak up in order to broaden our horizon with the truth and honesty.

Finally, my word is effective if we used the way it should be.  Let’s do counting the good deeds to reap what we know is good and leave those bad things that can lead to destruction because wicked men always have great time to become an influencer for keeping to be bad but those who have good heart spend more time empathetically and enthusiastically.

Thank you!


I have made these speeches for students.  I am excited for doing these….the topics are very timely and to dream is what make a person feel inspired to study harder for the preparation of their future.  What are those things might happen ahead so education is really an edge to go on and push harder to have brighter side of life.

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