Eto na Iyon…

The January for me…the first month of New Year is of course the month of payment for my SSS contribution.  It is also the busy month for turning the adjustment period once again, the moment to make budgets.  Expect the empty money from my pockets.

The new opening of business so to prepare the requirements needed should be accomplished.  I assisted my sister to her new plans after OFW time.

Well as my passion to write…I still give time to compose songs, speeches.  I remember the first time I had made speech for two students when I was in the old store.  She was our SK Chairman during that time and she approached me to have another one.  I was glad knowing she won the piece I made for her.

In delivering speech, of course the clarity to pronounce the word with emphasis and when to pause, to memorize or read in front of audiences with confidence so evade the stage fright.  I had done the two speeches but the SK took as the best speaker to think I owned the two speeches with different speakers.

When my mother heard the latest one I have made, she told me to let the customers pay it for the right price.  That is quite weird but funny.

The contents or messages upon making those speeches are really interesting because it is about the challenging part of life like what the new Ms. Universe’s statement:  That Poverty will never kill your dreams.  (This was the highlighted message that instill in me when I watched The Miss Universe Search…)

If you are poor now, you will never be poor for the rest of your life.  Do something and exert your effort to change your life.  That being poor will never stop your dreams, in fact that is the starting point to fight for.  Instead of earning sentiments in life, try to collect your weapons to win the battle.

To make a simple speech is uneasy.  Every right words and terms to be used should actually fit for the phrases to make sentences.  It should be convincing to your audiences to make them believe to what you are trying to deliver…to inform them messages that brings amazement or awaken to the realization in facing life.heartbeat-feat-image

Minsan nahulog ako sa malalim na pag iisip…naisip ko what if hindi ko sinunod ang mother ko noon.  I was enrolled at Perpetual Help College of Rizal (PERLAS) the former PHCR in Las Piñas) with Associate of Computer Science.  Hindi ko talaga gusto ang course na iyan kasi nga alam kong hindi ko kakayanin, alam ko naman ang kakayanan ko pagdating sa numbers…integers in Pascal Programming e talagang wala akong naiintindihan, iyong Discrete Mathematics na pinagsama samang Algebra ay confusion na para sa akin…iyong kasama ko sa apartment na Freshman din ay nagyaya na mag shift na ako sa Mass Com para classmate kami pero hindi ko din pinansin kahit mahirap sa akin ang Computer Science, after one year nag transfer na ako ng ibang school, at sa Computer School, mas napaganda na din ang paglipat ko dahil kung ano ang natapos ko ay naging source of income ko din ngayon pero may panghihinayang din dahil kung nasunod iyong AB English ko noon, sabi ko kahit sa school dito malapit sa province okay lang sa akin at kapag binabalik balikan ko ang mga conversation namin noon sa bahay…hayun wala lang….of course iba talaga kapag gusto mo ang ginagawa mo, hindi mararamdaman ang pagod dahil masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, that is the difference with doing things what we want and we freely do it by heart he he he!

Kung marami tayong panghihinayang sa buhay natin at wala na tayong magagawa pa…siguro be thankful na lamang din kung ano tayo ngayon kasi ang pinakamahalaga iyong buhay tayo…kung sinubok man ng panahon at hindi nakayanan ang mga iyon still grateful because we can twist the fate for gradual change just be determined and firmed to what you believe in dahil kaya pa ding magpatuloy…push through what do you think you want to…ang pinakamahalaga ay kung paano tayo nahubog at magpatuloy sa tamang landasin ng buhay.  Hindi pamantayan kung saang eskwelahan ka nanggaling, bagkus kung paano nahubog ang pagkatao mo, tayong mga tao ang gagawa ng magandang pangalan natin ngayon kung gusto mong tuluyang lumublob sa putikan, choice mo na iyan.

Nataon ang Chinese New Year ay Feb month kaalinsabay din ng RED Day dahil nga Valentine’s Day…I guess to those who have love life, of course fourteen is the very special moment for lovers and to our dear ones in the family.  It is the enjoyable bonding of the family members to be reunited.

Masasabi mo lang na matagumpay ka kung masaya ka sa choice mo.  Anyway, Happy FEB IBIG to all lovers out there!

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