In Western Countries like America, Europe and Canada, cars are formed as necessity but in the Philippines, cars are considered as luxury.  How ironic because on the part of the commuter, it is hard to ride in a motorcycle due to prone accident.  The riders are not comfortable to move for thinking the safety.  Most women prefer a motorcycle but I would rather choose four wheels.

I have realized that it is quite better to commute than to have my own vehicle for the cost of the maintenance needed.  It is the change oil, gasoline and the unexpected expenses to prepare particularly the new implementation of tax rate in the Philippines.  If one family has more cars due to preventive used and to encounter the pressure traffic road, they have to follow the color coding which is the best solution to this.

After the separation of my parents, Tatay lived far away from us.  He contacted me and bought free back and forth ticket going to Palawan.  I went there as ran away traveller because my mother evaded me to see him.  He taught me how to drive a car.  He let me visited him in Puerto Princesa City and the best bonding we had done was learning to drive a car.  In fact, he arranged my licensed from students to non-professional.

After staying there for a month, I learned to drive alone in the main road of the city.  It is the shortcut going to Airport, the way going to Church and many areas nearby.  I enjoyed so much when I stayed with Tatay.  He was not reckless driver.  In a short period of time being together, I learned to prepare food for him, to wash his clothes and I had done the household chores in his house.  I inherited that bungalow house but after he died, my cousin sold it.  I was deeply hurt when I lost that house, for me it has sentimental value because of our memories.  He just gave my share but the resentment of my uncle’s decision regarding that really broke my heart but I had nothing to do just to receive my share.

Tatay wanted me to have my own car.  He insisted me to have my licensed and like him as good driver too.  Having a car is only a dream.  I changed my views in life.  There are many things to consider and not merely to follow my wants.  Like what I usually say, I am fortunate enough for what I have now, for what I am now and whatever reasons that frustrates me, I am still fortunate for my upbringing and nurturing as a whole.

Contentment can be learned.  It is the step by step learning process of acquiring the true happiness that tends to have a harmonious life, the peaceful one and living with a helping hand for others.  Likewise, to have an earning regularly that should be.

Dreaming a car is the ultimate wish to come true, of course the brand new one because to be honest, I never buy things as second hand except the guy I fell in love with…sadly, he was second hand man that I truly love 🙂

Well as Feb month now, happy hearts day!  No matter how the man we fall in love is brand new or not…love has the strongest magnetic and magical feelings that ever felt of each and every one of us.

Enjoy the special moments of Valentine’s day!


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