The different strategies of candidates in the television are noticeable and really the eye catching one particularly their tactics to get voters.  In the local television wherein I could watch aspiring candidates who have encouraging advertisements like Senator Nancy Binay…that no matter how black her complexion is, and exactly like charcoal who enkindles to push harder and prove to everyone the eagerness to help the nation to become the better one.  Her aim to help the People of the Philippines to pursue her plans for the nation.

Push Federalism and that is necessary in the country.

I am registered voter.  Of course I don’t want wasting my right to vote, in fact, I am trying to select the deserving Senators to give my one hundred percent support for them to win.

My qualities that I am searching for my candidates to fill the vacate position are as follows:

  1. The God-fearing candidates.
  2. They should have the broaden knowledge about laws, justice system which is fair to everyone no matter who you are or what you are.
  3. The one who can defend issues regarding death penalty in order to diminish crime rate in the Philippines.
  4. The selfless candidates who prefer helping thoroughly for the sake of our fellow Filipino people and favorable to push progressive nation.
  5. The nature lover candidates who think the clean and green prosperity who can minimize populace and pollutant surrounding to attain the said eco-friendly.


Today is my chance to VOTE WISELY.


So try to do the campaign and my family.  Try to reach me and say….”Vote me, vote me…I am the right person who can change your life…NO VAT promise…  I can help you to give the comfortable life that everyone wishes for…the fair price of all commodities..”



Bumoto tayo dahil iyon ang udyok ng ating puso at hindi dahil sa kaibigan ni kumpare, kumare….bumoto tayo dahil iyon ang tamang tao na dapat maluklok at mabago ang lipunang ating ginagalawan….at boboto tayo dahil sa gagawing pagtitimbang ng isip at puso para magkaroon tayo ng maayos na pamahalaan.  Peace 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mahalagang malaman natin ang bawat plataporma ng mga kandidato…ano bang kaya nilang iambag para sa tunay na pagbabago…ano bang kaya nilang ibahagi na magiging TATAK nila sa ating puso’t isipan katulad ng mga bayani nating may taglay na tapang upang hindi malilimutan ng sinoman.

Have a nice day ahead…..



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