Sharing the Kwaresma experienced

Tuwang tuwa na sana ako dahil sa pamamagitan ko natuklasan na kung sino ang scammer but sad to say, instead the workers are happy for the good results, they almost deprive to cooperate, seems they  are tolerating scammer, ang sad noon.  I almost gave the lead where to do the initial investigation but they are deft and mute to air what I had discovered.

I feel bayani pa naman coz finally I can help to resolve the problem.  Tinapos ko ang Pasyong Mahal traditional ko kasi ginagawa iyon kaya I pray so hard …sabi ko “Lord ako ba ang magiging daan para maayos na ang scamming which gradually rampant and menace in the society, na sabi ko pa You let me suffer so much to catch that wicked woman…”

I prayed earnestly until the tears shed over my face… trying to figure out His face, asking the answers to my prayer, I couldn’t easily get over with it.  I was thinking to make things possible but how….who is the right person who would willing to help me out with this distress.  Squeezing the thought of that scammer, to lighten her mind and believe in Your presence elsewhere that You know everything the truth of what she had done to me…how she deceived me like when the one of your apostles traitor You then…napaka buti ng puso ko para maniwala na may mabuting pusong katulad Mo din, pero nagkamali ako.  I thought everyone can give passionate heart, the empathy… I was wrong and I didn’t anticipate she is liar the big lies that she created.  The big lies in her mouth.  To become a human is easy but to act as human being is the hardest part.  Yeah madali nang sabihing Tao pero ang magpakatalo iyon ang mahirap doon.

My heart is pouring of Your love why I never imagined how bad she is.

Oh God thy will be done… I hope You make your way and thanks.

It is me,








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