The Articles’ Review I have made…


I have started blogging since 2018 of July and I am in my almost one year doing this blog here in WordPress.  I thought I could not renew because of finances that actually my recent problem.  I was victim of scam the last few months ago.  It was difficult for me to get over with it.  In fact, I hate to think those scammers who still exist in the country.  Everyone needs money very badly and that was the dilemma I had suffered.

I have always emphasized that ‘WRITING is my passion.’  Hindi na pala ganyan ang dapat kong ilagay every time they ask me why do I write.  I guess it is much better to say, WRITING is becoming my outlet to release the tension, pressured in everyday living such as encountering difficulties in a single hour.  This column is becoming my SUMBUNGAN or to inform what is really happening in the place where I belong.

Well honestly, it also enhances the skills in writing.  To admit, my English is improving yet particularly the used of unique words.  I want to dig more such as the dictionaries beside me, trying hard to consult other references for me to have a good result of posting my article.

As I have noticed, SARILING WIKA was the article that my readers focused.  I was thinking about it why.  There were many previous write ups but that SARILING WIKA hit most I guess…

I want to try to create pure English story but as what I have observed, only few viewers have interested to support my writing perhaps they have discovered that I am newbie due to first timer of having pure English story. The other thing is that the skillful in that field is not yet my expertise so I need more time to fully polish it. Consequently, I am not enthusiast to push through and the sentences constructions need more attention.

That is another challenging part in the story telling.  Although the expectations are not effective the way they are trying to look for or does not meet the set of standards they have in mind, I am still thankful for the earned views.

SARILING WIKA is tagalog or taglish that every Filipinos used very often.  I support the local shows with Filipino actresses and actors.  I have my favorite actresses and actors especially during my teenage life.  I was fond of their beautiful and pretty faces, they became models as well.

I am no longer a teenager now but I am trying to find Filipino actresses and actors to be fond of watching  like the Teleserye at night and to cite who are those actresses are Angel Locsin who was actually the talent of GMA 7.  Of course, when she becomes Kapamilya, she had been the best star from other networks first.  I like Angel Locsin.  It is noticeable the way she acts naturally either drama or action.  I love her style, her strategies if they want me to rate her, she got PERFECT SCORE.  She is not my favorite but for me I love her way completely, I have seen the complete package in her!

Anne Cortis is also admirable in all angles such as either side view, or front view and so on.  Of course I love her too.  In fact, if Vice Ganda has sarcastic joke pertaining to Ms. Anne, deep inside of me has the abhorrent feeling to blast.

The Bridal Killer is absolutely the pattern of Kambal Karibal.  Be the one to react when it comes to my personal review.  Anyway, PEACE to all of you!

The others are Jody Sta. Maria and Judy Ann Santos. I love the tandem of Sir Chief and Jody in Be Careful with my heart.  I was also carried away with them until I met my hubby the same Chinese guy year 2012 naks.  See I was persuaded with the best story during that time.  It was almost the same age gap story but unintended to relate much with the similarities of my experienced, just it happened like that.

The Filipino actor is no other than Ian Veneracion, in his action movie with Jeniffer Sevilla then.  He was younger when he portrayed action film until it came his time to show at Teleserye with Bea Alonzo.  The handsome Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap are those actors that hit me to watch and since in Kadenang Ginto, Sir Chief joins there, I glance his new look with his moustache unlike the neat and clean  with the Be Careful…



With my simple review of my article, I came to the point of review in the TELESERYE of Kapamilya with the local channel in the television…Sana pagandahin pa nila lalo ang mga kwento and stop imitating he he he.  Tapusin ng tapos ang story not because with the highest rating kahit wala ng kwenta, huwag naman kasing hayaang MAUMAY kami 🙂

Alice Dixon is one of my favorites during my teenage life….sana more exposures of Ms. Alice…ang ganda ganda pa din niya.  Grabe perfect!

Si Vice Ganda naman as Totoy ang Baklang toh, which I have made TRIVIA related to other blog like what I had done…

Vice Ganda is the first Filipino gay in the record for local showbiz.  Hanepz si Meme sa Bidaman SAVE ME…I watched them huh!  🙂 🙂 🙂


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