The 25-Centavo Coin

        25 centavos

            What keeps on our mind if we have seen 25- centavo?  Is it valuable in our times today?

The value of peso is apparently considered meager especially the peso versus dollar is so much fall apart so how much more the count of 25- centavo?  A 25-centavo is obviously significant for me.

During washing time of weekend, I checked the pocket of my pants, the 25 cent was intact so I picked it up from the basin of water, and returned it to my purse.  If that is the missing coin for me to complete 100 pesos, it can be added to the money as my saving.

Every time I went to the market for the grocery, I received many 25 centavos coin, the cashier used to change it to the customers.  That is how valuable the remains of coins in every transactions.  In the piggy-bank, collecting the 25 cents is worthwhile.  That is another way of earning money.

To the Chinese people, spending money wisely is very important.  They are thrifty, and probably that is another factor why Filipinos are well-influenced of those Chinese people who are well-known and wealthy in the Philippine society.  The Chinese are on the top famous, riches business persons who have the strong power to provide jobs to Filipinos in the land.

The significance  of that 25-centavo from the very beginning of time should not be taken for granted though it is considered the meager amount to spend, still it is money to treasure, it is valuable to human being.  We cannot complete the 100 peso bill without 25-centavo coin that usually misplaced anywhere in the corner of the house or on the top of the wall or to put in any places because it is useless…so showing its importance in a way its usable in anything that we need to buy something that 25-cent are there to complete the transactions without any hesitation to comply with the vivid and effective usage resulting the worth of it.

Henceforth, let us start collecting 25 centavos.  All things are well-started in small or little amount of everything.  If it fell, pick it up from the ground.  If we look at it, small amount is quietly becoming bigger if we summed up together, and every centavo can be a huge amount to make it millions for pursuing the ultimate dream to come true.


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